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Its vision in terms of hair and fashion is driven by the strong affinity it feels with the world of hairdressing.

Talent. Art. Passion

Each one is unique for every member of the public. Contemporary-classical, avant-garde, technical, visionary....styles that form part of its repertoire and whose training can be shared with professionals from all around the world.

Xevi Jubany

Global Creative & Education Director

Creative team

Oscar Vera

Global Creative Director

Álvaro Sánchez

Global Creative Director

Fernando Díaz

Global Creative Team

Richard Jara

Global Creative Team

Laura García

Global Creative Team

Carmen Murcia

Global Creative Team

Sara Bracero

Global Creative Team

Education team

Xavier Rosés

Global Education Team

Leonie Ollacarizqueta

Global Education Team
Global Creative & Education Director

Grand professional. Excellent communicator.

Heading the KIN Global Education training project for the last 10 years. Xevi is a prestigious designer with extensive experience gained from grand masters from both Spain and abroad. He has worked as a trainer for top brands and franchises in the hairdressing sector and has also run his own salon during his career. His personal hallmark and impeccable work are behind a lot of fashion magazines and hairdressing front covers. With his permanent link to the sector, he now headlines seminars, shows and backstage fashion shows all over the world. He is an excellent communicator passionate about hairdressing, conveying the beauty of the looks from a commercial perspective while on stage, with a vision has always been focused on getting the very best in the salon. 
Global Creative Director

Ultimate creativity.

Oscar has become established as a talent in terms of signature hairdressing and has been the driving force behind spectacular fashion and hairdressing magazines, producing the same with his own salon.He designs and creates trends that have seen him working with the most prominent tops and celebrities on the international scene, from his particular creative laboratory in the city of Barcelona. He is spontaneous, passionate and with a love for hairdressing. His experience is visible in each of his creations that are always unique, creative and with a lot of potential to allow the spectator to get the very most out of it. 
Global Creative Director

Emerging talent.

Álvaro is an emerging talent in specialised hairdresser in the most artistic and creative section of the sector. With his constant association with the world of showbiz and film, he has participated in the most major events of this decade, alongside artistic-creative direction for a multitude of magazines and shows that will surprise everyone. He is a great communicator on stage, with meticulous and very commercial works consisting of clean lines. 
Global Creative Team

The honorable barber.

Fernando began his working life in military service, while at the same time studying Business Management. But being a hairdresser's son caused him to make an about-face in his life and Fernando began studying the Honorable craft of Barbering. In 2012, he decided to set up his own barbershop: “Los Honorables” (The Honorables) specializing in services Just for Men, with a 1950s style image and where good practice reigned supreme. Today, Fernando has become a point of reference in the world of barbering and in the development of this type of business. His in-depth knowledge of barbering and his excellent communicative skills have made him one of the best trainers in the county to help and advise on the development of any barber service in the salon.
Global Creative Team

Technique and purity.

He stands out for his extensive and successful career in the technical training of professionals. An expert in knowledge on the proper application of KIN products and an adviser in the development of new projects, he is our regular collaborator for advanced technical courses. Nobody knows the keys to a perfect technical job better than Richard. He has his own training academy for professionals, covering everything from basic to more specialised training. He is demands the very best from himself, and never disappoints. Dedicated and very professional. 
Global Creative Team

Golden hands.

She has taken the international world of hairdressing by storm from her native Barcelona. Young and armed with extensive experience and hands capable of performing minute and unique creations has made her an authentic hair architecture artistic. Aside from being a great trainer, Laura also runs her own salon in one of Barcelona's fashionable neighbourhoods. Her portfolio includes fresh, commercial looks along with the rebellious touch that are part of her lifestyle. Watching her at work is a true sensation.
Global Creative Team

Creative and enterprising.

This Valencian takes its art to the designs that it realizes around the world of the gathered, its great passion within the hairdresser. Formed in this discipline by the most important national and international references, she continues to seek and perfect herself, to develop her other great passion ... training.

For years she is our technical advisor in the zone of Levante, fidelizing clients with its good work and its unconditional aid towards them. He has recently founded and runs the "Coworking Hair Studio", a space created by and for the hairdresser, where professionals find the best tools to continue training and growing in their profession.
Global Creative Team

True vocation.

When she was very young, Sara was already certain that she wanted to devote herself to hairdressing. She began keeping in touch in the world of hair as the person in charge of hairdressing for small plays, fashion shows, etc.
After training as a professional in the sector, Sara turned her passion into her profession by always working alongside the best. An expert in Visagism, and now with her own very prestigious studio in Barcelona from where she operates her business, she is dedicated to proposing wholesale image makeoversfor her clients for which she applies all her know-how from the world of hairdressing.Shecarries out each of her projects in the most creative way.
Global Education Team

A globetrotting colour expert.

Following his graduation from the top Spanish and international academies, Xavi Rosés has established himself as an expert colour and tricology technique consultant, training professionals in all 5 continents. Xavi forms part of KIN Cosmetics’ internal team and deals with training for the brand for other trainers as well as the product’s technical assistance. He has the ability to enchant his interlocutor in just a few minutes (anyone who gets to know it really know it) is devoted, patient and a 10/10 in technique. 
Global Education Team

Freshness, professionalism and passion.

Leonie is fresh talent in Spanish hairdressing who joined KIN Cosmetics’ technical team following her training in one of the most prestigious academies in Navarra and her career as a stylist, as a trainer, technical assistant and specialist in technical testing for the brand. She stands out for the energy and passion conveyed in each one of her works, transmitting positivity and joy to professionals all over Spain. 


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